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Training that Sticks

Increasing Productivity with Training that Sticks

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Training Resources has helped large and small organizations enhance employee productivity and morale. We provide presenters and trainers with the experience, insight, tools, and training to engage their audiences and make training stick.  More…

Volunteer Plays Key Role in Helping to Launch Ronald McDonald House. from The Charlotte Observer, March 30, 2011

When you meet Marcia Jackson, her confidence and "can-do" attitude come across immediately. So does her warm and genuine demeanor. Those attributes serve Jackson well in her career as a consultant providing training, leadership development and keynote speaking.

For the past 18 years, this Midwest transplanted baby boomer has been the owner and principal consultant of Training Resources. However, after learning about the planned Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte NC, Jackson's first thought was not business related. At first, she wanted to volunteer her time with residents.

Those plans changed quickly after she spoke with Ari Harris, community outreach director for Charlotte's Ronald McDonald House. It became clear that what the facility needed was someone to develop a volunteer training program. There was no centralized training; each location developed its own training to meet specific needs. For the complete article, click here.


Marcia's ASTD International Conference and Expo Handout and Slides

Click on the links below to download the handout and slides from Marcia's interactive conference session titled Presenting with P"WOW"er, Not Just Powerpoints®! Please respect copyright law and cite the source.

Session M313 Handout

Session M313 Slides

About Marcia

Over 25 years experience!

For over two decades, Marcia has provided consulting and training services designed to achieve organizational success.  More…


What People are Saying:

“Marcia Jackson is such an enthusiastic and entertaining trainer. I really enjoy engaging in her sessions. But more than that, I walk away with very specific learnings to take with me to use in my work. She has specific messages to get across and articulates them extremely effectively so that you will learn how to use them, remember them and have fun along the way!”
Caryn Lee, Managing Director,
Marketing and Operations,
Center for Applied Cognitive Studies

"Marcia's training with us has made a great impact. We have been trying all kinds of new things including pipe cleaners at tables, training pods, mark it up, dot voting, take a stand, and something new we call a picture is worth 1000 words. We try and draw a picture representing a topic and ask the groups to explain it. Marcia has truly made a difference in our training. Thank you, Marcia! 
Todd Scott, Agency Trainer,
Physicians Mutual




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